Education Matters

Sunday, December 8, 06:30 am on NC CHANNEL

Duration: 0:24:26

Description: Education Matters aims to provide the public with real facts about the state of public education in North Carolina. The weekly television show explores everything from the history of public education to the impact of legislation and policy decisions on our public schools. Education Matters is hosted by Keith Poston, President & Executive Director of the Public School Forum of North Carolina. "With this show we want to get away from a traditional he said/she said format, having two pundits on either side of an issue highlighting opposing extremes," said Poston. "Education Matters will be an opportunity for viewers to hear directly from subject-matter experts and real front-line educators as they navigate everything from funding challenges, teacher recruitment, and the impact of poverty on student learning, to testing, academic standards, and the major racial and ethnic shifts in the student population." "One of our primary goals is to help the public understand how education policy plays out in our schools, and what kind of impact these policies are having on our students and teachers," said Poston. "Education Matters will provide a window into the classroom that is often lacking from typical media coverage or political debates."


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