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Cheetie Kumar/Jonas Family Style/Int'l Delights #203

Tuesday, June 18, 09:00 pm on NC CHANNEL

Duration: 0:19:59

Description: Rockstar Chef-Cheetie Kumar Since growing up in India as a child, Cheetie Kumar has been fascinated with the melding of spices for flavor. She and husband Paul Siler opened Garland in Raleigh, NC offering Pan-Asian food with a southern flair. Now this actual rock guitarist is a rising rock star in the culinary world as a James Beard award-winning semi-finalist chef. Jonas Family Style-Nellie's Southern Kitchen What do you do after successfully managing your sons, The Jonas Brothers, to multi-platinum success on the billboard charts? You open a restaurant in Belmont, NC of course. We go inside the legacy with Kevin Jonas Sr. his wife Denise, and mom Cecilia to hear the sweet family story behind Nellie's Southern Kitchen and it's namesake Grandmother Nellie Jonas and her amazing southern recipes. International Delights Meet the inspiring family who built an American food dream in Durham, NC.


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