Andy Griffith

Deputy Otis #63

Tuesday, April 14, 05:30 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: It seems that Otis Campbell has embellished his successes in life over the years to his older brother Ralph. When he finds out that he is about to be paid a visit, he panics over the fact that he has told his family he is a deputy sheriff of Mayberry. Andy, feeling sorry for Otis' situation, temporarily deputizes Otis so that he can face his brother with his head held high. When Ralph and his wife Verlain arrive, they are surprised by Otis' life. Despite Otis' stories over the years about his job, Ralph never expected Otis to be anything more than a town drunk. When Ralph goes for a walk through the countryside, Otis runs to the courthouse fearing that his brother will try to discredit him. Moments later, Ralph drunkenly stumbles in and proceeds to lock himself in a jail cell. He confesses that he has lied about his own life; the truth being that he is the town drunk back home. Ralph is so impressed by his brother's achievements, he forswears alcohol and decides to mend his ways. Now if only Otis could find the same inspiration...

Broadcast In: English