Andy Griffith

Andy On Trial #61

Monday, April 13, 08:30 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Andy makes an enemy out of a powerful newspaper-publishing magnate named J. Howard Jackson, who he takes to court for a speeding violation. The ticket ends up only costing Mr. Jackson $15, which he feels is too small a sum to be dragged from Raleigh to Mayberry for a court appearance. To get back at Andy, he sends a female reporter named Jean Boswell to Mayberry disguised as a student. Ms. Boswell claims she is writing a paper on small town administration and begins interviewing Barney about Mayberry. She coaxes Barney into criticizing Andy's administration. Ms. Boswell then twists what he says and quotes him in an article, taking Barney's comments out of context. The news story makes it seem as if Andy is unfit to be sheriff in Mayberry. Andy is then required to go to trial to prove his worth. At first, Barney is brought to the witness stand by the prosecution in order to confirm the damaging words that he was quoted saying. However, the impassioned deputy gives a moving testimony in Andy's defense that proves Andy's reliability and success as Mayberry Sheriff. The commissioner judging the trial throws out the case citing that there's no evidence against Andy.

Broadcast In: English