Andy Griffith

Three's A Crowd #59

Monday, April 13, 05:30 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Barney Fife learns the hard way that sometimes three's a crowd. As Andy is trying to plan an evening with county nurse Mary Simpson, Barney overhears and suggests a double date with him and Thelma Lou. As the night goes on Barney doesn't seem to notice the couple?s desire to be alone, but Thelma Lou understands. She asks Barney to take her home early to let them have some time together. Barney however, decides to return to the party after he takes Thelma Lou home. The next afternoon Andy gives Barney a tedious chore of filing in the hopes of keeping him busy. Andy has plans of being with Mary that night. However, Barney yet again finds a way to interrupt their time together. He calls repeatedly to ask about a missing file. When Barney finally has to be told out-right by Andy that they want to be alone, he misinterprets the message and assumes that Andy wants privacy in order to propose marriage. Barney shares the news with everyone. Only at the end, when Andy must stop the spreading rumor of wedding bells does Barney learn his lesson.

Broadcast In: English