Andy Griffith

Andy and Barney in the Big City #57

Friday, April 10, 08:30 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Andy and Barney take a bus to the big city to make a request for funding new police equipment. They are told that their request will most likely be denied because Mayberry has such a low crime rate. While checking into their hotel, Barney spies a woman at the desk who's refusing to check in her jewels to the hotel safety deposit box. He also notices a man watching her intently. Later on, he sees that same man watching the same woman. He suspects the man to be a jewel thief. In truth, he is hotel detective Bardoli who is keeping an eye on the woman since she's the perfect target for known jewel thief, C. J. Hasler. Bardoli had spotted Hasler earlier in the hotel and expects him to strike soon. Hasler is indeed at the hotel, and he has introduced himself to Barney as a newspaper owner by the name of C.J. Hoffman. Barney mentions his suspicions about the jewel thief suspect and "Hoffman" suggests that they go to the woman's room to see if the jewels are still there. While there, Hasler nabs the jewels and says they're missing, then Bardoli appears. Barney shoves him in a closet, happy at the thought of catching the thief. As Barney and Hasler leave the room, they run into Andy and another policeman. Andy recognizes Hasler from a mug shot he'd seen earlier and quickly grabs him and finds the jewels on his person. Giving the credit to Barney for Hasler's capture, Andy saves the day. The arrest helps Andy and Barney to get the funding they were requesting from the state.

Broadcast In: English