Andy Griffith

County Nurse #56

Friday, April 10, 08:00 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Andy volunteers to help Mayberry's county nurse, Mary Simpson, in her crusade to give tetanus vaccinations to everyone in Mayberry. Mary needs help with one particular Mayberry citizen who is being stubborn about taking his medicine. Farmer Rafe Hollister has flat out refused to get a tetanus shot. Andy and Mary's first attempt fails. Then, since Andy is called to the mayor's office, Barney agrees to take Mary back to the Hollister farm to try again. The ornery farmer responds to Barney's methods of persuasion by firing gunshots at him. This behavior gets him arrested and put in jail. Andy then tries a bit of reverse psychology with Rafe. He tells Rafe that he understands why Rafe won't get the shot. It must be because he wants to make a martyr of himself and set a bad example that everyone will recognize and avoid. Why else would he want to risk getting hurt, develop tetanus, and die horribly? The trick works, and Rafe finally agrees to get the vaccination.

Broadcast In: English