Andy Griffith

A Medal for Opie #51

Thursday, April 9, 05:30 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: The annual boys' track meet is just around the corner and Opie has his heart set on winning the 50-yard dash. Barney, a former 50-yard dash winner himself, offers to train Opie for the meet. Working hard to strengthen his leg muscles Opie feels confident about the race. When the big day arrives however, Opie finishes dead last while 3 of his friends make first through third place. A discouraged Opie leaves the field without stopping to congratulate his friends. As judge of the race, Andy doesn't miss a thing. At home he tries to teach Opie about what it means to be good loser, but Opie refuses to listen. Andy is disappointed in his son. Discussing the situation with his deputy, Barney suggests that he give a demonstration to Opie on how awful a sore loser can look. Barney will pretend to throw a hissy fit in front of Opie and Andy when he hears that his request for a raise has been rejected. Meanwhile Opie has thought over what his father told him, and has changed his mind about what it means to be a good loser. He tells his dad this just before Barney arrives to give his demonstration.

Broadcast In: English