Andy Griffith

Goober, The Executive #221

Friday, December 13, 08:30 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Wally is selling his filling station and since Goober has been a loyal worker, he offers him the first opportunity. Goober becomes excited at the prospect and tries to secure a loan from Cyrus Tankersley at the bank. He is refused because of lack of collateral but Cyrus suggests getting someone to cosign a bank note. After some hesitation, Andy and Emmett decide to help their friend and become joint cosigners. Andy reminds Emmett that the filing station has always made money. Goober's Service Station opens for business and Andy asks for the honor of being the first customer. However, when George, Goober's new hire, tries to fill up his tank, he can't because Goober forgot to order gas from the oil company. It is not a promising start for Goober's enterprise. He tries to get some insight and inspiration from a copy of Nation's Industry magazine. He begins to read an article about a man who inherited his father's company, developed migraines from the pressure, and lost $17 million the first year. Instead of being inspired, he becomes disheartened. He also begins to get migraines himself. Besides forgetting to order the gasoline, Goober forgets to order a part that George needs to complete a repair job. Goober is faced with many executive decisions concerning accounting and purchasing but avoids them because he is unsure of himself. Andy checks on his friend and is shocked to find out that business is down considerably and that George has quit. Andy and Emmett want to convince Goober to sell because they are responsible for the loan. Meanwhile Opie stops by and tells Goober about the rest of the Nation's Industry article he was reading. After the huge first year loss, the company made $22 million the next. The businessman who wrote the article attributes it to learning to trust his own judgment. Goober tries this for himself and soon his migraines disappear and business begins to pick up.

Broadcast In: English