Andy Griffith

Opie's First Love #220

Friday, December 13, 08:00 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Opie is excited about his friend Arnold Bailey's upcoming birthday party. The Baileys are allowing a party where you may come alone or with a date. Arnold plans to ask his classmate Iris. When Aunt Bee asks Opie who he will invite, Andy answers "Mary Alice Carter" for his son. He knows that Opie has been stuck on her since the first grade. When he nervously approaches her, she makes a quick exit that confuses Opie. She avoids him for the next three days, not giving him an opportunity to ask her out. Mary Alice knows Opie's intentions but confides in Iris that she has been hoping that Fred Simpson would ask her out. When it doesn't look like he will, she approaches Opie and accepts his invitation, making him very happy. For the occasion, Andy gets his son outfitted in a new suit. As Opie is excitedly preparing for his date, Fred stops by Mary Alice's house to ask her to Arnold's party and she accepts. She calls Opie and tells him that she had forgotten that Fred had asked her out previously. Heartbroken, he tells his father that he will not go to the party because of a headache. When he finally explains the situation, his father shares a similar experience he had when he was Opie's age. He tells his son that rather than stay home when his date cancelled on him to go with another boy, Andy went to the church social alone and had a good time. Opie follows his father's advice and goes to the party where he sees Mary Alice sitting alone. Fred who has been dancing with other girls has abandoned her. She is angry with him and thinks he's conceited. Mary Alice apologizes to Opie who forgives her. They have a nice time dancing together the rest of the night. Later when Andy and Helen pick up Opie, he treats them and Mary Alice to a snack at the diner.

Broadcast In: English