Andy Griffith

Goober's Contest #219

Friday, December 13, 05:30 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: After a silly argument with Goober about the inflation of his tires, Floyd declares that he will never return to Wally's Filling Station. He adds that his new gas station runs a contest that he has already won $4. Wally has noticed the decline in business and attributes it to these contests his competitors are running. He puts Goober in charge of a cash-giveaway where a total of $200 will be awarded. There will be twenty $2 winners, twenty $3 winners, fourteen $5 winners and three $5 winners. However, when Goober goes to the printers', he inadvertently writes down the various amounts as well as the total $200. The printers assume that the grand prize is $200 and deliver the game cards. The contest works as Wally hoped and business is booming. Andy eventually convinces Floyd into coming back to Wally's where he promptly receives the $200 winning game card. He asks Andy to tell Goober that he will return later to pick up his prize. When Goober realizes his mistake, he is horrified. Following Andy's advice, Goober confesses his blunder to Floyd, explaining that Wally cannot afford to award the money. Floyd is outraged and accuses Goober of defrauding him. He threatens to take the matter to court. Andy tries to resolve the situation by arresting Goober and locking him in jail. As Andy predicted, when Floyd sees his friend behind bars, he has a change of heart, realizing Goober made an honest mistake.

Broadcast In: English