Andy Griffith

Opie's Most Unforgettable Character #218

Friday, December 13, 05:00 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Opie has trouble deciding who will be the subject of his school assignment about his most unforgettable character until Aunt Bee suggests Andy. Opie spends a day observing his father at work but it is extremely dull. When Andy discovers that he's the subject of his son's paper, he is proud and anxious to see what grade Opie gets. He's surprised to learn Opie got an F and must do a rewrite. Andy questions Helen how a paper about himself could receive a failing grade. She explains that while Opie did not commit any grammatical errors, the grade was due to the uninteresting content. Put off, Andy is determined to give Opie more exciting material. He describes how he once caught a wildcat with his bare hands. Aunt Bee clarifies, explaining the animal was so sick it could barely walk. Andy shares his glory days as a pitcher for his high school team. Opie is impressed upon hearing about his no-hitter thrown with a broken finger until Goober reminds Andy that his team lost 10 to 0 because he walked seventeen players. Without having much more material, Opie decides to write his essay on Dr. Bailey, the father of his friend Arnold. Later, Andy is ecstatic to learn that Opie received an A on his rewrite, but quickly becomes disappointed upon discovering he was not the subject. Andy understands Opie's explanation that it is difficult writing about people with whom you are close. However he feels better learning that Arnold chose him as the subject for his paper which also garnered an A.

Broadcast In: English