Andy Griffith

Big Brother #217

Thursday, December 12, 08:30 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Howard volunteers in the Sheriff's Association Big Brother program, where he will serve as a role model for Tommy Parker, an at-risk boy. Tommy's parent travel most of the year with a carnival, leaving Tommy and his older sister Betty in Mayberry. He is not very impressed with Howard upon their first meeting. Howard, who will take a civil service exam soon, tells Tommy that they will study together three nights of the week. The bright but undisciplined boy has other ideas. Seeing that Howard is attracted to his older sister Betty, he informs him that her bus commute to work as a dancer at a Mount Pilot dance hall is arduous. After a few meetings, Tommy asks Howard if he would give her a ride. With Tommy's assurance that he will study hard on his own, Howard agrees to drive Betty to work. The two of them spend the whole evening in Mount Pilot dancing together. Tommy spends his evening neglecting his studies and wasting time. When this becomes a regular routine, Mr. Tracy, the principal, informs Andy that Tommy's grades have not improved. Andy soon discovers the situation and angrily confronts Howard at the dance hall. Andy is disappointed and will not accept Howard's excuses. Even after Tommy confesses that he exploited Howard's infatuation with Betty in order to avoid studying, Andy does not let Howard off the hook. Howard is full of remorse at his negligence. However, the whole affair has a positive effect on Tommy who becomes focused on his studies and no longer easily distracted from his goals. He improves his grades dramatically. Howard continues his relationship with Betty by studying together at the library.

Broadcast In: English