Andy Griffith

Howard, The Comedian #216

Thursday, December 12, 08:00 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: After his successful turn as master of ceremonies at a lodge banquet, Andy, Floyd and Goober all believe Howard Sprague is the funniest man in Mayberry. He is encouraged to enter a weekly amateur talent show called "Colonel Tim's Talent Time" that originates from a Raleigh station. Howard is reluctant and when he tries out some jokes on Opie, they fall flat. Opie suggests personalizing them and Howard gets the idea to use the people of Mayberry as the butt of the jokes. Andy accompanies Howard to Raleigh to perform his routine while everyone watches the broadcast back home in Mayberry. When he returns home, the whole town gives him the cold shoulder for his unexpected attack. Howard's assertions that he didn't intend to offend anyone fall on deaf ears. He is left to reconsider what he has done. Meanwhile, strangers begin coming to town looking for Andy, Goober and Floyd. They want to meet the folks Howard spoke of in his routine. Because of Howard?s jokes, Aunt Bee gets calls from people she hasn't heard from in years. The newfound fame Clara receives because of Howard gets her invited to address the Ladies' Historical Society. Unaware of all this, Howard calls his friends together to apologize and inform them that he will cancel his return appearance on the talent show. No one will hear of it and all insist that he go and perform again. They even give him suggestions for new material.

Broadcast In: English