Andy Griffith

Opie's Piano Lesson #215

Thursday, December 12, 05:30 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: At Aunt Bee's prompting, Andy asks Opie if he would be interested in taking piano lessons from Clara Edwards. To his surprise, Opie agrees and promises to commit himself to lessons and practice. Clara gives Opie two lessons weekly and insists on two hours of daily practice, from 3:30 to 5:30 PM. Meanwhile, Flip Conroy, a famous ex-pro football player has returned to Mayberry and has agreed to coach Opie's football team. Flip insists on two hours of practice after school, which conflicts with Opie's piano practice. Opie tries to do both but when he arrives late to the football field, Coach Conroy is not pleased. On another day when Opie doesn?t show up for football practice at all, the coach sends a group of players demanding a decision from Opie; come to practice or quit the team. Opie explains to his pals his predicament and his friend Arnold, who is also the team manager, has an idea. Since his attendance at practice is not vital, and because he has taken lessons from Clara, he will stay at the Taylors' pretending to be Opie practicing. Aunt Bee is next door with Edna Sue Larch making a quilt and listening for Opie's playing. When Arnold begins playing the piano, Aunt Bee is surprised at the sudden improvement and decides to go home to commend Opie. Andy beats her home and finds Arnold. Instead of giving an explanation, Arnold runs off to get Opie to explain the situation. Andy is disappointed with his son and lectures that there are more important things than football. He orders Opie to give up football and stick to the piano. At that moment, Coach Conroy, who has been filled in by Arnold, arrives. He contends that that it is possible for Opie to continue with both activities. He sits down at the piano and plays it beautifully to prove his point. They reschedule Opie's piano practice to the mornings before school so that he no longer has a conflict with football in the afternoon.

Broadcast In: English