Andy Griffith

Goodbye Dolly #214

Thursday, December 12, 05:00 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Walt Simpson, Mayberry's milkman, has been informed by his company that his horse-drawn milk wagon will be replaced by a truck. After so many years working with his horse Dolly, Walt has grown attached and buys her from the company. He decides to take a vacation for a few days and offers to pay Opie $5 to feed Dolly while he's gone. Opie eagerly accepts but Andy is wary, reminding his son to follow through on his commitments. When Opie goes to Walt's farm the first day, Dolly refuses to eat. Thinking she is lonely, Goober's advice is to use a mirror to try to trick Dolly into believing she has company. It doesn't work and Opie must rush off to school. The next day Opie tries to entice Dolly with an apple and sugar but to no avail. He asks his friend Arnold to come back later to feed Dolly because he has chores at home. Later, Arnold brings Dolly to the Taylors' because she still refuses to eat and he thinks she's sick. Dr. Roberts examines her the next day but can find nothing physically wrong with her. Aunt Bee believes that she just misses Walt but when he returns later, she still won?t eat. Walt finally realizes that Dolly misses her job delivering milk each day. Opie comes up with a plan to get her back on her old route by following the new milk truck each day. Coming out of retirement does the trick and Dolly happily begins eating again.

Broadcast In: English