Andy Griffith

Helen, The Author #213

Wednesday, December 11, 08:30 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Helen has written a children's book called "Amusing Tales of Tiny Tots" which Roger Bryant, the head of a publishing company in Richmond is interested in. He even sends her an advance of $1,000 to seal the deal. Helen is excited and asks Andy to accompany her to Richmond to meet Mr. Bryant. There they meet cover designer Robling Flask and marketing exec Harold Mosby, who are both very impressed with Helen. However their attitude toward Andy is rude and dismissive. They also want Helen to use the pen name, "Helene Alexion Dubois". This all does not sit well with Andy and when they return home, he gets mad at Floyd, Goober and Harold when they tease that Helen will be the one supporting him in their marriage. He also feels neglected and taken for granted when Helen must focus her energy on rewriting parts of her book. Andy finally gets angry when she tells him that she and Mr. Bryant must work together on the book for one week straight. In a fit of jealousy, Andy asks Mavis Neff, known to be a forward woman in Mayberry, out on a date. They run into Helen and Mr. Bryant at the diner where Mavis fawns over Andy, prompting Helen to leave in anger. Later Andy goes to Helen to apologize and after he explains why he has been upset, they make up. Helen's literary success inspires Aunt Bee to write a cookbook and Opie to pen, "What It's Like to Be the Son of a Sheriff".

Broadcast In: English