Andy Griffith

Barney Comes to Mayberry #212

Wednesday, December 11, 08:00 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Everyone in Mayberry is excited about the return of one of their own, movie star Teena Andrews. Before she left for Hollywood, Teena was known as Irene Flogg and was classmates of Andy and Barney. Her new movie is scheduled to premiere in Mayberry and the whole town is gathered at the train station awaiting her arrival. Andy is there as well but he is actually there to welcome Barney Fife who is taking a few days vacation from his job as a Raleigh detective. Unaware of what's going one, Barney mistakes the warm welcome to be for him. When Andy fills him in, he reveals that he never realized that Teena Andrews was Irene, a girl he dated a long time ago. The two of them decide to say hello to her at her hotel. Upon their reunion, Teena doesn't really remember either of them but her publicity agent suggests that Barney be her escort to the premiere. Barney is thrilled but all the attention given to him by the news media is a bit overwhelming. When they return to her hotel room, Barney's old romantic feelings have resurfaced but Teena is oblivious to his advances because she is exhausted and preoccupied with thoughts of her early morning radio interview. She agrees to have lunch with him the next day. However, Barney discovers the next day that Teena has flown back to her fiance in California. He is heart broken and will not be consoled by Andy. He returns to Raleigh where two women who work with him suddenly show interest. Apparently they saw newspaper photos of Barney with the glamorous movie star. Perhaps Barney will get over Teena sooner rather than later.

Broadcast In: English