Andy Griffith

A Visit to Barney Fife #211

Wednesday, December 11, 05:30 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Andy visits Barney Fife in Raleigh where he is now a detective at the police bureau. It quickly becomes clear to Andy that Barney is not respected by his peers. He also learns that there has been a rash of supermarket robberies in Raleigh. Barney says there must be a leak in the bureau because each time an area is staked out, a robbery takes place somewhere else. Barney shows Andy the boarding house where he lives, run by Ma Parker. Her adult children, Leroy, Henny and Agnes Jean all live there as well. Andy is alarmed when he hears Barney telling the Parkers about police activities planned for the robberies. Later, Barney arranges for Andy to meet with Captain Dewhurst about a job that will become available with the bureau. He's shocked to learn that the job is the one Barney now tenuously holds. Andy realizes he must make Barney look good for his captain in order to keep his job. Andy becomes suspicious of the Parkers late night shopping. He believes that the police stakeout continually fail because Barney unintentionally tips off the Parkers. To prove this, he leads the family into believing that the police are no longer interested in the southside of town. He then persuades Barney to stakeout a supermarket in that neighborhood after dark. As planned, the Parkers are caught and Barney gets credit for the arrest, thus saving his job and earning the respect of his peers.

Broadcast In: English