Andy Griffith

Floyd's Barbershop #210

Wednesday, December 11, 05:00 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Harry Walker, a realtor, arranges to sell the building which houses Floyd's Barbershop for its owners and Floyd worries about his future. His worries soon vanish when Howard decides to buy the property and keep things as they are. However, Mr. Walker advises Howard that because of increasing insurance premiums and a new tax bill, he will have to raise Floyd's rent in order to get a good return on his investment. When Howard tells Floyd that he must raise his rent from $50 to $65, Floyd becomes very angry and accuses his friend of being a robber. He tears up the lease and vows to leave the premises. With no vacancies on Main Street, Floyd eventually finds the perfect location in Mount Pilot. Goober, Cyrus Tankersly and Mr. Schwump no longer can loaf around at Floyd's so they make the courthouse their gathering place for checkers, which upsets Andy. Aunt Bee has taken it upon herself to cut Opie's hair now, much to the boy's dismay. Meanwhile Howard may have found the perfect new tenant; Mr. Coefield, the owner of a chain of barbershops who is willing to pay $75 in rent. Unfortunately he is all business and will not welcome idle visitors. He plans to throw out the checkers table and the community bulletin board. Before Howard makes his decision, Andy arranges to get him and Floyd together. His plan to have the men come to a compromise works when he begins to disparage the old barbershop and they defend it. They realize that it would be a shame to change such a comfortable place where everyone is welcome for some good conversation. Howard comes down in price and Floyd offers to come up and they agree to keep Floyd's Barbershop a landmark in Mayberry.

Broadcast In: English