Andy Griffith

Aunt Bee's Restaurant #209

Tuesday, December 10, 08:30 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: After finding a "lucky" penny, a very superstitious Aunt Bee decides to invest $400 in a Chinese restaurant with Charlie Lee. Charlie will handle all the cooking, Aunt Bee will be the hostess and Charlie's nephew Jack, currently enrolled in a master's program for psychology, will serve as waiter. "Aunt Bee's Canton Palace" opens to tremendous success. Andy, Helen, Goober and Howard all dine the first night for support. Aunt Bee joins them after their meal and each receives a fortune cookie. Everyone reads their fortune out loud except Aunt Bee who quickly leaves the table. Andy later learns her fortune was, "Beware of new business ventures, they can prove costly". Being superstitious, Aunt Bee begins to demand unnecessary changes to the menu and decorations. Her behavior drives Charlie and Jack crazy and soon Andy suggests that she sell her partnership of the restaurant. Surprisingly it is college-educated and practical Jack who turns out to be very interested in becoming a partner after his fortune cookie reads, "This is your lucky day".

Broadcast In: English