Andy Griffith

The Statue #208

Tuesday, December 10, 08:00 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: The Mayberry Civic Improvement Committee decided to erect a statue honoring the town's greatest benefactor. It's decided that Seth Taylor, Andy's greatgreat-grandfather deserves the honor since he built the first sawmill, organized the chamber of commerce, donated some of his land and loaned the town money during a crisis. Floyd is the only dissenter, believing his ancestor is more deserving. Mr. Jackson sculpts the statue and it turns out beautifully. A dedication ceremony will take place at town hall and Aunt Bee will make a speech. However, during this time of family pride, the Taylors receive bad news from Mr. Simmons, owner of the Simmons Seed Company of neighboring Mount Pilot. He has learned that Seth Taylor and his ancestor Winston Simmons were two of the biggest swindlers of their time. Andy and Aunt Bee are devastated by the news. Aunt Bee is truly conflicted but she finally decides to give the speech she has been working on at the dedication ceremony because she doesn't see what purpose ruining Seth Taylor's reputation would serve. However she breaks down in the middle of it and Andy must explain to the town what they have learned. Floyd points out that if Seth Taylor had not cheated as he had done, Mayberry would have turned out to be an industrial boom town instead of the nice, peaceful community they all love today. Everyone agrees and the ceremony continues.

Broadcast In: English