Andy Griffith

Andy's Old Girlfriend #207

Tuesday, December 10, 05:30 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Andy's old girlfriend, Alice Harper returns to Mayberry after living in New York for ten years. Aunt Bee insists she stay in the Taylors' guestroom instead of at a hotel while her old house is being painted. She and Andy have a good time reminiscing about the past. When Helen gets upset that Andy introduces her to Alice as Opie's teacher, he reassures her that he and Alice are only friends. To prove this, he sets up Alice with Howard, who used to have a crush on her. The four of them have a wonderful time dining and dancing at Morelli's. All agree that they should go out together more often and Alice suggests a weekend at her family's cabin near the lake. At the cabin, Andy cannot fall asleep because of Howard's loud snoring and decides to take a walk in the woods. As he is walking he runs into Alice who can't sleep because it's too quiet for her. After strolling for a bit, they decide to return but have become lost. Meanwhile back at the cabin, Helen and Howard each realize their roommates have disappeared and come to the conclusion that they're out sneaking together. When Andy and Alice finally do return, Andy insists that Alice follow his lead by pretending to wake up early to make breakfast for Helen and Howard. When Andy tries this ruse, it's revealed that everyone knows he and Alice were out together. When Andy then tries to tell the truth, Helen runs off, refusing to listen to his explanation. Soon she is lost in the woods as they were and when Andy finally finds her, she realizes that his explanation may not be so far-fetched after all.

Broadcast In: English