Andy Griffith

Dinner at Eight #206

Tuesday, December 10, 05:00 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Andy is looking forward to spending some time alone when Aunt Bee goes to visit her sister for a couple of days and Opie prepares for an overnight trip with his scout troop. However when Goober is asked by Aunt Bee to look in on Andy, he decides that a better idea is to stay over to keep him from being lonely. Andy's protests are not heeded. Opie returns home because he forgot to pack his scout ax. He and Goober look frantically for it while Scoutmaster Stevens honks his horn impatiently. Goober answers two phone calls from Howard and Helen in quick succession to add to the chaos. He takes their messages for Andy without writing them down. Opie finally finds his ax and leaves for his trip. When Andy returns home later, he finds that Goober has prepared a wonderful spaghetti dinner. Andy has three helpings when Goober remembers that Howard had called earlier to invite him to dinner. Helen also called to inform him that she was holding a Young People's Club meeting. Unfortunately Goober mixed up the messages and when Andy arrives at the Spragues, they have just eaten and are unprepared for their surprise guest. Howard's mother graciously warms up leftovers of spaghetti which Andy eats. When he gets home, Helen calls very upset that he is over an hour late for his dinner with her and her visiting uncle. He hurries over and sits down to yet another superb dinner of spaghetti. Andy picks at his plate claiming to be on a diet. Meanwhile Opie returns from his trip, which has been rained out. Since there are no leftovers for the hungry boy, Goober phones Helen who has him come right over. At Helen's Opie sees Andy not eating and reminds his father of the lecture Andy gave earlier to him about wasting food. Andy dutifully and painfully finishes his meal. When Aunt Bee returns a couple of days later she doesn't think Andy has been eating well and makes his a quick meal, undoubtedly the last plate of spaghetti Andy will be consuming for a while.

Broadcast In: English