Andy Griffith

Don't Miss A Good Bet #205

Monday, December 9, 08:30 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Goober is curious about George Jones, a mysterious stranger in town. As he discusses the stranger with Floyd, Jones enters the barbershop and introduces himself. He has been informed that Floyd is one of the most successful men in town and he wanted to make a business proposition that would make him even richer. He claims that he has a map to the legendary gold of Ross's Raiders, worth $100,000 that is supposedly buried near Mayberry. Floyd and Goober are convinced after he says he's an ancestor of one of the raiders and the map was found hidden in his family's bible. Jones adds that he just needs five people to invest $ 100 each in order to rent digging equipment. These five investors would split 50% of the treasure or $10,000 each. The guys are on board and they later try to convince Andy. He'll have no part of it, warning them that they may be swindled. However Aunt Bee and Helen can't turn down the opportunity and contribute too. Jones tells the investors that he'll meet them at the treasure site the next morning with $400 worth of equipment. Later Andy finally decides to take a chance and secretly gives his share. It's discovered the next day that Jones left town with the money and a one-way ticket to Miami. Floyd, Goober, Aunt Bee and Helen are upset and embarrassed that they were so easily fooled and praise Andy for his common sense. Later Andy happily announces to the investors that Jones was captured in Miami and the $ 500 will be returned. The four are confused about the amount of money, wondering who the fifth investor was. Rather than confess, Andy says he'll investigate.

Broadcast In: English