Andy Griffith

Otis The Deputy #204

Monday, December 9, 08:00 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Two men named Fred and Larry just robbed $6,000 from the Mount Pilot bank and are thought to be hiding out near Mayberry. Otis stumbles into the courthouse and informs Andy that two strangers are staying at an abandoned shack where he keeps a stash of alcohol. Andy tells Otis and Howard that he's going to investigate. While there, Andy trips over Otis' bottles and is captured by the robbers. Back at the courthouse, Howard and Otis begin to worry and decide to go after Andy. Otis prepares by drinking some liquid courage. Howard reluctantly takes him along because he needs directions but advises him to remain in the car. When Howard approaches the hideout, the robbers promptly capture him. Otis is the only remaining hope but he passes out just as he reaches the window where Andy and Howard are tied up. They try to revive him by throwing water on him. He eventually revives and knocks Fred out with his bottle of liquor. Andy and Howard finally untie themselves and overcome Larry.

Broadcast In: English