Andy Griffith

Only A Rose #203

Monday, December 9, 05:30 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: The Mayberry Garden Club's flower contest is coming up and it's announced that the hybrid rose winner will receive special recognition. Besides receiving a cash prize, the winner's rose will be propagated and included in the next seed catalog along with the grower's photo. Although Clara Edwards has won in this category for the past several years, Aunt Bee's been working on a hybrid rose for over a year that's due to bloom in time for the contest. She tells her friend she may enter the competition but Clara's not worried. However she asks Tillie Kincaid, the Taylors' next-door neighbor, to do a little spying just in case. On assignment, Tillie overhears Aunt Bee telling Andy that Clara's haughtiness bothers her. The two of them have always had a competitive relationship ever since they were classmates. Aunt Bee's "Deep Pink Ecstasy" finally blooms and it's breathtaking. Andy runs off to get his camera from the courthouse while Bee hurries to register for the contest. While they're gone, Opie and his friend Billy toss around a football in the backyard and an errant pass breaks the rose at its stem. Knowing how much the rose means to Aunt Bee, he tries to tape it up and hopes for the best. Andy comes back with his camera, snaps a shot and doesn't notice a thing. The next morning, Opie finds the rose dead and he confesses to his father who breaks the bad news to Aunt Bee. Although heartbroken, she and Andy attend the flower show with Opie telling them that he'll come later. Clara makes a smug comment about Bee's sudden change of heart and Andy explains that the rose was accidentally destroyed. Just as Clara is announced the winner, Opie shows up with a color photo of the shot Andy took of Bee's rose. Upon seeing the photo, Clara addresses the audience and explains what happened to Aunt Bee's flower. As evidence of the spectacular rose, she shows the photo and gives her blue ribbon to Aunt Bee. Aunt Bee is overwhelmed by her old friend's unselfish act.

Broadcast In: English