Andy Griffith

Opie Finds A Baby #202

Monday, December 9, 05:00 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Opie and his friend Arnold find an abandoned baby boy on the steps of the courthouse. Arnold convinces Opie not to tell Andy, pointing out the baby would surely be placed in an "orphan asylum". Instead they take the baby to their clubhouse and set out to find a good home for him. Opie and Arnold begin questioning key citizens, including Helen and Goober, in order to assess the merits of potential parents. When Andy hears of these personal questions asked by Opie, he assumes that it is time for their "facts-of-life" talk. As he clumsily begins this awkward discussion, the baby's parents, the Garlands from Mount Pilot, arrive to inquire about their baby. Andy is confused until his son clarifies and gets the baby. The Garlands explain that they had gotten in a terrible argument and in a desperate moment, abandoned the baby. They realize their mistake and promise that it will never happen again. Andy threatens to call the welfare department, castigates them with a lecture on responsibility and vows to follow-up on this matter with the sheriff of Mount Pilot before he finally decides to let them have their baby back. Everyone is happy with the outcome.

Broadcast In: English