Andy Griffith

The Rivals #91

Monday, February 11, 08:00 pm on WTLW

Duration: 0:29:10

Description: Opie has developed a crush on fellow classmate, Karen Burgess. Trying hard to impress her, Opie offers to carry her books, does a handstand, and gives her a tour of the courthouse. Karen, however, doesn?t seem to be interested. To cheer Opie up, Barney and Thelma Lou let Opie hang out with them. Thelma Lou includes Opie in all their activities even inviting him over to her house for brownies and homemade peach ice cream. With all this attention, Opie soon forgets Karen, and sets his sights on a much older woman: Thelma Lou. When Saturday comes, Opie asks his dad for some ideas for what he and his new girl, Thelma Lou, could do together. Andy wisely suggests to Opie that grown up women enjoy doing things that are very dull and boring. As Opie prepares himself for what will potentially be a very boring date he runs into Karen just outside the courthouse. Karen has had a change of heart towards Opie since he gave up on her. Missing his companionship and slightly jealous of the time Opie was spending with Thelma Lou, she went in search of Opie. As soon as Opie sees Karen, he forgets about Thelma Lou. Asking his dad to let Thelma Lou down easy for him, Opie goes off to play with Karen doing the sort of fun things Thelma Lou wouldn?t be interested in.

Broadcast In: English