Risky Chuckness/That's Entertainment #305

Saturday, January 12, 06:00 am on NPT3 PBS Kids

Duration: 0:28:55

Description: Risky Chuckness - When Two-Brains catches wind of the fact that Chuck is home alone he invites all of the villains to his house. WordGirl makes a surprise appearance at the villain gathering only to discover that she is surrounded by her most dangerous foes. In an effort to preserve his house, Chuck teams up with WordGirl to stop the other villains in their tracks. That's Entertainment - The Energy Monster's latest prison break interrupts the Botsford's family television time. While Tim, Sally, and TJ brainstorm new forms of entertainment, WordGirl hunts down the Energy Monster and returns him to his prison cell.


Broadcast In: English

Website: http://pbskids.org/wordgirl