Sh-Sh-Shark!/Dog Wants to Play Ball #105

Tuesday, January 21, 11:00 am on WNED-Kids

Duration: 0:28:55

Description: Sh-Sh-Shark!: Shark is misunderstood. Everyone is afraid of him and won't even give him a chance to prove he's friendly. Everyone but Duck, that is, who doesn't know that the letters s and h together make the 'sh' sound, and therefore doesn't know who Shark is. When Duck introduces his new friend "S-hark" to the gang, Duck learns a lesson about the /sh/ sound, while everyone else discovers that acceptance is an important part of friendship. Dog Wants to Play Ball: Dog wants to play ball, but he's having trouble communicating with his friends because they won't stop and listen to him.


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Broadcast In: English

Website: http://pbskids.org/wordworld