Your Fantastic Mind

Strokes and Strokestra #108

Thursday, September 30, 07:30 pm on WHUT-HD

Duration: 0:29:00

Description: A public hospital known as 'the place to go if you get shot', Grady Hospital has become the epicenter for cutting edge stroke treatment. Performed for only a few years, thrombectomy is when a stroke patient is brought in and doctors go into their brain and pluck out the clot that caused the stroke, much like doctors do with heart patients. This was not possible until just recently and is dramatically changing outcomes. YFM is with the thrombectomy team at Grady as patients arrive from around the state, their lives and outcomes hanging in the balance. This episode also features London's famed Royal Philharmonic Orchestra which has launched a nonprofit arm of the orchestra called 'Strokestra,' to help stroke patients rehab more quickly.


Broadcast In: English