Hero Elementary

Hatching A Plan/The Invisible Force #102

Wednesday, August 4, 06:30 pm on VPM PBS Kids

Duration: 0:28:55

Description: When an egg hatches and an unfamiliar bird emerges, Sparks' Crew vows to reunite the young bird with its parents. After some trial and error, they observe similarities and differences between young animals and their parents to find the baby bird's family. Curriculum: Young animals are very much like their parents, but there are differences as well as similarities that can be observed. / When the decorations of a young girl's birthday party are suddenly whisked away, Sparks' Crew wonder if this is the work of InvisiGirl. But once investigating further, they learn that something more natural might be the cause of this mayhem. Curriculum: There is so much to investigate, beyond what can be seen; forces of nature, such as the wind, can push objects.


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