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Quebec My Country Mon Pays #812

Thursday, August 22, 07:00 pm on Vermont PBS

Duration: 1:30:42

Description: "Quebec My Country Mon Pays" charts the aftermath of Quebec's Quiet Revolution in the 1960s. This social justice movement unleashed dramatic cultural and political changes that led to the separatist movement, the FLQ terrorist crisis and, ultimately, the exodus of more than 500,000 English-speaking Quebecers. Montreal-born filmmaker John Walker's roots in Quebec go back 250 years. Yet he's struggled his entire life to find his place and to feel he truly belongs. This film explores a very personal story through the lens of a cast of characters including three generations of his family, childhood confidantes and artistic contemporaries - Denys Arcand, Jacques Godbout and Louise Pelletier - as well as Christina Clark, a young person whose experience today mirrors Walker's own in the 1960s and '70s, and Emilie Gelinas, a young Quebec independentist.


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08/25/19, 2:00 pm Vermont PBS
08/26/19, 9:00 pm Vermont PBS Plus

Broadcast In: English