Wolf Kahn Landscape Painter and Wolf Kahn at Niagra Falls

Thursday, May 30, 07:00 pm on Vermont PBS

Duration: 0:28:51

Description: Wolf Kahn: Landscape Painter is a portrait of the renowned American landscape painter Wolf Kahn. The film follows Wolf as he paints in nature and in his studio. While painting he spontaneously describes his techniques and the issues that he is dealing with in the painting. His rare ability to talk about his work as he paints offers the viewer insights into the creative process. Wolf Kahn at Niagara Falls begins with a viewing and discussion of the 19th century painting, ""Niagara"" by Frederick Church. We then accompany Wolf to Niagara Falls as he sketches in pastel at the same locations where Church painted. Differences between contemporary and 19th century approaches to landscape painting and art in general are clarified.

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Broadcast In: English