The Birth Project #605

Wednesday, March 20, 07:00 pm on Vermont PBS

Duration: 0:21:44

Description: In the spring of 1985, the Wood Art Gallery was host to an exceptional show called "The Birth Project." Designed by Judy Chicago, noted feminist and artist who achieved national recognition with her controversial show "The Dinner Party," the Montpelier show was composed of twelve vivid needlework pieces which celebrate the creative power of women in a literal as well as a cosmological sense. Enlisting the aid of a large number of volunteer needleworkers, Chicago worked closely with them for five years to complete this enormous project. It was then broken down into smaller units intended for display in smaller galleries and alternative spaces. That the show came to Montpelier at all was a testament to the effort of a determined group of women from Montpelier who appear in this segment: Katra Kindar, midwife; Olivia Bravakis, head of the Wood Art Gallery and Dorothy Tod, fundraiser. Abbie Zito, the art historian who lectures on "The Birth Project" was funded by a grant from the Vermont Council on the Arts & Humanities, and narrates this powerful segment.


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