Noyana - Singing at the End of Life

Thursday, January 31, 07:00 pm on Vermont PBS

Duration: 0:28:56

Description: Imagine being a part of a singing group in which only a select group of people ever get to hear you. And most of the ones who do may be just weeks, days or even minutes from passing away. That's the premise of the story of "Noyana - Singing at the end of life". The film tells the story of a Vermont group, the Noyana Singers, about 45 people who lend their voices and talents to help terminally ill patients. In the piece, there are interviews with members of the chorus who discuss why this work is so important to them. And there are interviews with patients, some who had just a short time to live, who explain why music in this form was helpful to them and their families. In one way, this film tells the story of one singing group and gives the specifics of what they do: how they rehearse, how they choose music, how they deal with the dynamics of singing to people facing death. In another way, the story is a broader look at what it means to be a hospice volunteer anywhere, and how, perhaps ironically, that work can be a life-affirming experience.


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