The Hanji Box

Thursday, December 6, 07:00 pm on Vermont PBS

Duration: 0:58:41

Description: "Nora Jacobson is an award-winning filmmaker whose films include The Hanji Box (Best Feature Script, New York Eurasian Film Festival), Delivered Vacant (New York Film Festival, Sundance), My Mother's Early Lovers (Maine Int'l Film Festival Audience Award), Nothing Like Dreaming (Lake Placid Film Forum Best of Fest,) and the collaborative 6-part film Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie which was featured on Vermont PBS and Maine PBS. Jacobson is working on several new films, including a documentary about the poet Ruth Stone, a short narrative film about anti-Muslim sentiment, a docu-drama about the Cornish Colony of New Hampshire, as well as a TV series about people of color in New England in the 19th Century. She is devoted to telling stories of women, cultural diversity and place. She is the recipient of a Guggenheim award, the Herb Lockwood Award for excellence in the Arts, a LEF Moving Image grant and grants from the NEA and state arts agencies, among others for her filmmaking activities. She is a co-founder of White River Indie Films (WRIF) and the Freedom and Unity TV Youth Film Contest. About the Film Hannah, a recently divorced art historian, has decided to downsize. She is selling the house that she has lived in for 18 years. Her daughter Rose-adopted from Korea many years ago-- is helping her pack up the house. But Rose, to her mother's dismay, resists cleaning out her bedroom. The tension between mother and daughter escalates until finally, an item of great importance to both of them gets broken: Rose's Hanji box-made from traditional Korean paper-- that Hannah and her husband had bought for Rose years ago in Koreatown. Or did they? Rose claims to have brought it with her from Korea-a gift from her biological birthmother. Determined to prove Rose wrong, and to fix the box, Hannah takes the train to Koreatown to find a place to repair it. She stumbles into an art gallery, where preparations are being made for an exhibition of evocative and mysterious paintings. She meets the charismatic painter, and he invites her to the opening of the exhibit. So begins a journey of culture and history, attraction, and adoption-her own. "


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