A Recipe for Chaos #1002

Tuesday, January 21, 06:30 am on PBS KIDS 24/7

Duration: 0:28:55

Description: A popular new restaurant in Castleblanca serves delicious meals, but all the residents have become cranky and tired. The CyberSquad quickly learns the restaurant's food is unhealthy...and Hacker is behind it all. To get Hacker to stop making his unhealthy food, Digit challenges him to a cook-off. But if Hacker wins, the kids must leave Cyberspace forever! Who will win the hearts--and stomachs!--of Castleblanca? Big idea: Eat a balanced mix of food at meal times to keep your body healthy. Math concepts: Data Representation/Pie Charts.


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01/26/20, 6:00 am PBS KIDS 24/7

Broadcast In: English