Art of a Cowboy

The Cross Three Ranch #101

Saturday, October 24, 06:30 am on OETA Create

Duration: 0:27:45

Description: A few days before Steve and his production crew arrived at the Cross Three Ranch in McClain, Texas to interview owner Ronnie Ferguson and his family, a horrific wildfire broke out and burned thousands of acres of pasture land in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. The fire came dangerously close to the ranch and 10 head of cattle were lost, but no ranch property. However, one young cowboy, his fiancee, and another cowboy from other ranches were killed trying to save their livestock. In addition to featuring the ranch's daily cattle operation, the crew filmed a memorial service/fundraising rodeo to help the fire victim's families. The show is an insightful look at a working ranch and the cowboys who help each other through the good times and bad.


Broadcast In: English