Rez Rides

Meet The Boys #101

Tuesday, June 30, 03:00 pm on KVCRFNX

Duration: 0:24:00

Description: Mad Mohawk Kustom is frantically building a 1200-watt speaker box that would rattle the eyes out of a squirrel. This is a new flashy product for a Rez business that is waiting to boom on to the Canadian stage. Owner Brian White is betting it all, with fierce determination, to turn his custom car shop into a national chain. Gran Sport Autobody is renowned for their artistry in restoring classic American muscle cars. They specialize in Buicks earning the boys the title of the Buick Brothers. Rooted in blues and dedicated to precision restorations, these craftsmen teach us the beauty behind reviving a 1950 Ford Custom that brings a smile to their client's face.


Broadcast In: English