Vitality Gardening

The History of Aboriginal Agriculture #103

Saturday, May 23, 01:30 pm on KVCRFNX

Duration: 0:24:00

Description: Did you know that Indigenous people were the first farmers in Canada? Did you know that popcorn, chocolate, beans, squash, peppers, tomatoes and vanilla - to name a few - were domesticated by Indigenous People? That's right - they would not exist today if weren't for our ancestors. Coleen Rajotte traces clues that take us on a journey across North America and back in time. Our show opens at the celebration of the equinox at Chi-chinitza with the Mayan corn farmers of Mexico, where we trace the origins of corn and its indigenous roots. With archaeologist Leigh Syms, we dig up many surprises about our own Aboriginal ancestors right here in Canada. It's a great show that breaks myths. Aboriginal People were not only nomadic bison hunters but agrarians as well. We had sophisticated cultures, trade and information networks spanning the continent from Mexico to Canada, and agriculture, all before contact with European explorers. Our show features incredible scenery shot by Gemini-nominated videographer John Bronevitch.


Broadcast In: English