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Miss Indian World #1504

Thursday, March 26, 01:30 am on KVCRFNX

Duration: 0:23:50

Description: Imagine carrying the hopes, dreams, and well wishes of family and friends into competition-all the while being on your best behaviour as a young person vying for the title of Miss Indian World 2006. So it was in Albuquerque, New Mexico as forty young women came together to represent their communities in what can best be described as a non-competitive pageant. Judges weren?t looking for physical perfection, but rather for poise and pride as each of the young women represented distinct First Nations from Canada and the U.S. We go behind the scenes at the most celebrated and sought after crowning of it?s kind. Miss Indian World will profile three Canadian contestants, while also exploring the nature of community spirit and First Nations pride.


Broadcast In: English