Seal Hunter #205

Friday, February 14, 07:00 pm on KVCRFNX

Duration: 0:24:00

Description: After a lifetime of living off James Bay, Harry and Maria Scipio tell us their knowledge of the seal. Seal is usually thought of as Inuit food but to Harry and Maria it has meant survival. Harry, who learned how to hunt seal from his father and father-in-law, takes us out to the open waters of James Bay. We watch for the heads of the seals to pop up and we whistle them in closer as Harry recounts his days as a seal hunter. It is spring and it is warm. He takes along his lifelong friend George as we navigate on the ice and islands of James Bay. When we stop at a seal hole we are surrounded by water on top of the ice. A bit too warm, Harry says. There's water on the ice but the ice is 3 feet thick. George says. They show us how to read the ice and waters of James Bay, so that we may come back safely to hunt another day. They tell us how the seal were able to keep their dog teams going. When we get back with a seal, Maria and George's wife Elizabeth help cut up the seal. They show us how to prepare the skin. Maria and Elizabeth use razor blades lashed to wood to shave the hair off the skin. When we get back to the house, Maria is finishing up a seal skin bullet bag and Harry tells us a story while the seal cooks. Harry spreads out the sealskin from a previous hunt. He tells us it's a young male by looking at the markings on the skin.


Broadcast In: English