Ravens and Eagles

Paradox of Attribution #113

Friday, November 8, 01:00 pm on KVCRFNX

Duration: 0:24:00

Description: By the time the first Europeans visited Haida Gwaii the artistic expression and execution had reached its apex. Almost all of the items used in daily life were adorned with the heraldic crests displaying family lineage and association. Christian missionaries claimed that this was idolatry, the work of the devil and persuaded the parliament to outlaw this practice. At the same time, modern anthropology was in its infancy and it was on the Northwest Coast that it finally found a purpose, collecting by any means necessary the art and artifacts of the people. A member of the Eagle clan Director Marianne Jones poses the question from her perspective while she leads a tour of the old village sites and revists many of the ancient masterpieces in this episode.


Broadcast In: English