Australia's Shame

Wednesday, September 12, 05:00 pm on KVCR-FNX 24.2 First Nations Experience

Duration: 0:44:01

Description: On the 15th of September Sydney will welcome the world for a spectacular show of the Olympic Games. Australia used its indigenous population as part of its candidacy bid. However, in the unashamedly nationalistic spirit that characterises such sporting events, Australian leaders are unwilling to acknowledge the country's dark history and its debt to the aboriginal population. For hundreds of years the white colonials saw the Aborigines as a primitive race, destined to die out. They were hunted from their land. Massacres were part of the daily order. Children were taken from their parents and raised by missionaries and white families. These children are called 'the lost generation'. Now they and their parents are fighting to recover some of what was stolen from them. Above all they are asking for an official apology.


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