Ravens and Eagles

Defining Haida Art #213

Friday, August 10, 01:00 pm on KVCR-FNX 24.2 First Nations Experience

Duration: 0:23:40

Description: The final episode in this documentary series explores the ways in which the foundation of Haida art was compromised after the period of historical contact with Europeans. An impressive assemblage of Haida artists discuss how important it is for the Haida to recover from the dictates of Church and State. They underline and exemplify the importance of the land as a source of inspiration and indeed the very substance that embodies their art. The art, language, spirituality, and the land are what constitute Haida culture, for they are all connected as one being inexplicably intertwined. This is the concluding chapter in our comprehensive and thematic approach to Haida art. By anyone's definition art can have a variety of meanings. It is personal and rooted in what we see in the world around us. The art survives and is currently seeing its own growth spurt. As contemporary Master Robert Davidson notes, 'In my time I have seen our singing groups grow from one to many. I have seen the masks go from a brown paper bag to be of monumental stature and commanding top prices in galleries'. Inside of three generations Haida art has risen from near death to become a vibrant aspect of aboriginal identity. Our series, Ravens and Eagles pays homage to this renaissance.


Broadcast In: English