Ravens and Eagles

On The Trail of Property Woman #202

Wednesday, May 16, 01:00 pm on KVCR-FNX 24.2 First Nations Experience

Duration: 0:23:40

Description: Freda Deising was a passionate and innovative woman artist and a carver of monumental art. Her talents ignited a flame of passion that has inspired others to follow in her footsteps. Among her students is Dempsey Bob. She became a teacher of the art and today many artists attribute their success to her patient and exacting ways. Doing things a little differently, she has been known to flip the script on her form-lines making the primary lines red and the secondary lines black, and even carving in alder-wood rather than cedar. She was important in teaching the value of the culture and story/history of the Haida. Her passing in 2002 left an artistic legacy as a generous and gifted artist.


Broadcast In: English