Vitality Health

Fitness Day #101

Saturday, January 13, 06:30 am on KVCR-FNX 24.2 First Nations Experience

Duration: 0:24:01

Description: Meet Host Coleen Rajotte. Viewers are introduced to Coleen with a brief bio of her life. Coleen takes us on a tour of where she grew up and talks about the path she has chosen in life. We begin the series by talking about life balance and how we recognize that it's not always easy to take the best care of ourselves. Coleen begins a fitness makeover. Coleen talks about stress and how it's led to weight gain and feeling sluggish. Her goal is to run a half marathon in six months time! The show finishes with the Get Moving fitness team. An easy to follow mini work-out you can do in your living room.


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01/15/18, 2:00 pm KVCR-FNX 24.2 First Nations Experience

Broadcast In: English