A Growing Passion

Beneficial Insects #403

Monday, February 17, 08:30 pm on KPBS2

Duration: 0:26:46

Description: What's so bad about "bugs?" Some may cause problems but the majority of bugs play important roles in nature, pollinating plants, preying on pathogens, aerating the soil and more. In this episode, we explore the world of "good bugs" by visiting the pollinator garden at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum where children count bugs as part of a nation wide assessment of pollinators, an insectary (bug farm) in Ventura that grows "good bugs" to combat the "bad bugs," a seed company in Salinas that uses flies in their breeding programs, and a researcher at UC Riverside who traveled the world to find the "good bugs" that prey on insects that carry citrus greening disease, a disease that threatens California's entire citrus industry.


Broadcast In: English